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Sangeeta AchArya Thiruvaiyaru S R Krishnan’, also known as  Srinivasaraghava Krishnan (born 1946), is a vAggeyakara, Vedic scholar, poet, lyricist, composer, journalist, a well known story writer and an operatic playwright. 

Krishnan started training in (Indian) Carnatic music, very young, under the tutelage of his father GAnabhooshanam Brahmasri KumAramangalam SrinivAsarAghavan, a vAkgeyakAra of the 20th century (musician composer with mudra,  'RagaSri'). He also learned under other legendary musicians such as Sangeeta KalAnidhis MaharAjapuram ViswanAtha Iyer, Madurai Mani Iyer and GN Balasubramaniam.  Krishnan has been performing since 1955, and has given concerts in India, Far East Asia, Europe, Great Britain and the US, accompanied by artists many of whom are legends and leading names in the Carnatic Music world.


Krishnan is a celebrated exponent of ‘nAma Sankeertanam & Hari-Katha’, Indian musical traditions which have been handed down  by eminent saints over the last ten centuries to the present day purveyors of this exalted tradition. Hailing from a family of BhAgavatAs, Krishnan has performed this ancient and divine form of musical presentation over the last 50 years, in four continents. His Gurus in this tradition include his father Brahmasri KumAramangalam Srinivasaraghavan, Brahmasri NAthamuni NArAyaNa Iyengar, BhAgavata SirOmaNi NArAyana SAstri, and SwAmi Haridoss Giri (popularly known as Guruji), a legendary name in this tradition with whom Krishnan had performed numerous Sankeertanams and “RAdha KalyANams” since 1959.


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Krishnan's earliest Opera presentation/musical compilation on RAmAyaNam, titled “SitAyAscharitam Mahat”, set to musical score by Sangeeta KalAnidhis Musiri Subrahmanya Iyer and Mudikondan Venkatarama Iyer, and choreographed by Dr. V. Raghavan, was acclaimed widely, and honored by Sir C.P Ramaswamy Iyer.  A thespian since his youth, throughout his collegiate years, Krishnan was invited to the prestigious National Festivals in Ujjaini to play leading roles in many of Kalidasa’s famed works.  He has acted and directed a number of plays in several Indian languages and his theatrical efforts have won acclaim in the news media and awards from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.  Krishnan has written, composed and set to music a traditional opera/dance presentation on the Lord of Sabarimala, and has to his credit numerous music compositions in several languages including Sanskrit, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi. His music performances on Musical saints of India series has been popular and Krishnan has performed globally for numerous fund raisers for charitable causes and divine missions. He has hudreds of live recordings; and a score of his live recordings (about fifty) in compact discs are available, free, on-line, under audio section of this website.

A disciple of His Holiness Jagadguru Kanchi ParamAchArya (68th Pontiff of the Adi Sankara Order), Krishnan continued training in the Vedas and scriptures in Sanskrit College, Madras, as part of a program conducted under the auspices of ParaAchArya. Krishnan has been teaching Carnatic Music for more than 50 years in four continents and has a number of disciples in India, Europe, England and in the US, where he settled with his family in the 1980s. Krishnan's prime disciples, Priya Parameswaran, Harini Vikas and Subhapriya Srivatsan, known as 'Krishnan sisters [aka California sisters]' are acclaimed Carnatic musicians from the Bay area, California. Krishnan's siblings, Smt. Bhooma Narayanan, Smt. Ramamani Ranganathan and Sri S Lakshminarasimhan are Sankeertana Bhagavatas in India.

Krishnan's many interests include playing a number of musical instruments (Indian and Western), and an untiring quest into different systems of philosophy. 

Krishnan with his wife Radha and Krishnan Sisters are involved in several philanthropic activities. Krishnan's music performances are mostly fundraisers for Charities and Philanthropy and their recordings supplement the Krishnans' support  to charities, Homes for the mentally and physically challenged and hospitals for the underprivileged.

A gold medalist from the renowned University of Madras (one of the oldest universities in India), Krishnan has the distinction of being a Fellow of the Royal Chartered Institute of Bankers (London) and a Fellow of the Institute of Financial Accountants (London) since 1978. Krishnan has held top executive positions with several International Banks, in Asia, Europe, Great Britain and the US, and has widely traveled the globe for 50 years. He is a CEO of one, and founder & managing principal of two other reputed US Fiduciary and consulting firms serving as Fiduciaries at the nomination of  several US Federal and State Agencies, Regulators, Banks and Foreign Governments.